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Kthan Plywood Pvt. Ltd. Established in 2015 by Mr. Riyad Kunnathan. It is a leading plywood manufacturer in Asamanoor P.O. Odakkaly,Perumbavwor,Ernakulum, Kerala. We manufacture and supply high-quality plywood, such as commercial ply, Film Faced Ply, Marine Ply and MDF Ply. We manufacture, trading, supplies our product to national and international market. We export plywoods to most of GCC countries. We also have warehouse facilities in countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia. All our plywood is manufactured using advanced technologies & machineries and we adhere to quality-control process.
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Kthan Plywood

Mr.Pareeth Kunnathan , founder of Kunnathan group of companies, at his age 14 years, started his business in voyage. He traded timbers to various timber industries. He purchased timber from big planters. He took plantations in both private and govt. sector through auction. Around 5 years he succeeded to become a monopoly in timber supply.
There was a clean cut definition of small scale sector and units which can be registered with respective state director of industries.
This year was turning point for Mr. Pareed Kunnathan. He started saw mill as there was the huge demand and requirements of various wood products. He understand and recognized the demand for wood products in various sectors. He was thinking of new innovation and production process.
There were modern technology and machinery equipped plywood units coming up in different places in India. Mr. Pareed Kunnathan wanted to establish such type of factory. Finally he established his first plywood factory ‘ Kunnathan Plywood Industry’ in Odakkaly, a village in Kerala, south part of India. This company got great success as there were lot of demand and competition was very low.
Mr. Siyad Kunnathan elder son of Mr. Pareed Kunnathan Joined this company. As he recognized there was still huge demand in this industry, he adopted more advanced process and techniques to the company’s new production unit. Around 5 plywood factories have been established during this time. He also manages to supply the finish products to all over the India.
Mr. Pareed Kunnathan’s younger son Mr. Riyad Kunnathan joined the group. As his studies were finished in U.K., he always thought of supplies products to international market. This thought made him to focus mostly in international markets, with full support of his father and elder brother. He managed to export plywoods to most of GCC countries. He also managed to have warehouse facilities in countries like UAE and Saudi Arabia.
Finally he established new production unit named ‘Kthan Plywood Pvt. Ltd.’. This factory adopted all international techniques and process. Now, Kunnathan Group of Companies meets their clients at domestic level and international market through Kthan.


Manufacture High Quality, Smooth finish, Defect free products & Supply in national as well as international market.



Manufacture products using more advanced techniques. Cover international market specially UAE & Saudi Arabia.


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